Fresh from Class

"I look forward to the music, exercise and energy Zumba gives me three times a week!  It is one of the highlights of my week.  It is not only good for the body but good for the brain.  Latin
inspired, calorie burning, dance fitness - works for me!  The music energizes me even when I am not in class.  I am hooked!  And I heard 3 songs from previous playlists at the Hawkeye game last week! (so Collin is in the know!)" - Joan

"I love taking Zumba in the early afternoon.  It wakes me up and I find I'm more productive the rest of the afternoon" - D.B.

"Collin is a delightful teacher of Zumba, encouraging each to move at their own pace and to enjoy what we're doing, while still challenging us with new steps.  You can work as hard or as little as you's up to you!  Her emails include personal touches and useful information regarding health - from reliable sources.  Personally, I enjoy seeing Collin smile as she gazes out upon her friends (that's what you become in her classes!) and she smiles from the inside out, because she, too enjoys the dance!  But perhaps what I appreciate most of all, (and I don't think I am projecting this on Collin), is her genuine personality, and those last few minutes of class, when she seems to be grateful for it all...the day, our bodies,the people, the gathering, the dance!  Dance on Collin!" - Sherry

"I was planning on seeing my chiropractor after attending my Zumba class with Collin.  Midway through the class I could feel my hip aligning correctly and the pain leaving.  I had one big smile on my face, and did not need the chiro appointment.  Thank you, Collin!" - A.S.

"The music is great.  The routines are adorable and well put together, and it's great fun.  Hope you can try it!"  - S.S.

"Collin's Zumba Classes:  PURE JOY and INCREASED ENERGY!  Collin's fun, upbeat, accepting manner makes me feel totally comfortable when I stumble or "do my own thing" to the music.  Thank you, Collin." -  L.R.

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