Fit's Possible Classes

Individual Assessment and Personal Training 

Select an individual fitness assessment, a personal one-on-one training – or both!  Assessment includes a physical performance rating in the areas of strength, agility, balance, flexibility and cardio output.  We then  design a personalized program based on the results of the assessment and your target goals.  Place and time to be arranged. (Collin)

Mobile Training Available - I will meet you at home or designated public facility. 

 Assessment - $25.00/person (35-40 minutes)
 Personal Training - $50.00 - 50 min session

Please have your physician's approval prior to attending classes


This program is for all ages and fitness levels, and is based on dynamic stretching and strengthening.  The technique unlocks and rebalances the entire body (all 650 plus muscles) by drawing on
the flowing movements of Tai Chi, the strengthening positions of ballet, and the healing properties of physiotherapy.  It helps to decompress the joints, improve posture, and increase range of motion,  while targeting pain relief, injury healing,  flexibility, and muscle tone improvement.  It truly is an energizing 60 minutes!


    "Mix or "Match" the following.  Payment due first class of the session.
     All Classes held at Faith United Church of Christ
    1609 DeForest Ave. 
    IC  IA

    Registration: or  leave message at 319 321 8177


        Monday 10:45 -11:40 AM
        March 23 - May 18 (no class May 25)
        $54.00 - or $7.00 drop in

       Tuesday 8:20-9:15 AM
       March 24 - May 26
       $60.00 - or $7.00 drop in

       Thursday:  8:20 - 9:15 AM
       March 26 - May 28
       $60.00 or $7.00 drop in



This is a modified Essentrics option, providing a slow, gentle, full body stretching and strengthening workout that focuses on increasing mobility, flexibility and reawakening the power of your muscles.  It is designed for those who are looking for a slower class tempo.  We will stand for about 30 minutes of the 45 minute class, but supportive chairs are available for balance and/or respite as well as the closing stretches.

     "Mix or Match" the following:
      All classes held at Faith United Church of Christ
      1609 DeForest Ave.
      Iowa City IA

Registration is required: Collin - 319 328 8177 or They tend to fill early :)


      Tuesday - 10:30-11:5 AM
      March 24 - May 26
      $50.00 or $6.00 drop in

      Wednesday - 9:30-10:15 AM
      March 25 - May 27
      $50.00 or $6.00 drop in

      Thursday - 9:30-10:15 AM
      March 26 - May 28
      $50.00 or $6.00 drop in



Dance Fitness

 (formerly Zumba)  This is a PARTY – not a workout!  How can you tell?  Cuz you are smiling throughout the class!  Fun music, combined with easy choreography that integrates the rhythms of salsa, cha cha, merengue, reggaeton, tango, cumbia and more, make this a must try class!  NO dance experience necessary.  One hour in length. 

             No classes currently scheduled 

Dance Fitness Basic(formerly Zumba Gold)  A beginner friendly class, utilizing modifications and choreography breakdowns – Same fun music and rhythms!  45 minutes in length. Classes are ongoing and you may join at any time. Ages 18 -99 :) 

Punch cards available - $50.00/10 classes – no exp. date, and may be used at any location. Drop in $6.00.

All classes at Faith Church - (No classes March 16-19)
Mon/Wed -   8:30-9:15 AM
Tues.            9:30-10:15 AM

CHAIR DANCE (formerly Chair Zumba)  Are you interested in a good cardio workout, but prefer a seated option?  We incorporate fun, fun music and rhythms sitting down.  You determine the intensity.  This isn't a class - it's just a fun time!  30 minutes.

All classes at Faith Church - no classes March 16 - 19)

Mon -               10:00-10:30 Am
Thurs               10:30-11:00 AM

Punch cards available-$40.00/10 sessions – no exp. date and may be used at any location. Drop in $5.00

Chair Strength and Stretch - We will target the major muscle groups, using body weight and stretch bands - from a seated position..  A few minutes per class will focus on balance behind the chair, and one or two standing exercises.  Flexibility will also be addressed.  No experience necessary. At Faith Church.

Monday            9:25-9:55 AM -  (No classes March 16-19)
Punch cards available - $40.00/10 classes - no expiration date.  Drop in $5.00

Private Gatherings for any of the above classes are available: 319 321 8177 or for more information and pricing.

Dance Fitness Special Starz -(formerly Zumba) This class is is designed specifically for those with special needs and is offered periodically throughout the year at:  Parkview Church:  15 Foster Rd. IC

Tuesdays - 6:30-7:15 PM    Register:  Collin  319 328 8177 or

January 7 - January 28
$20.00 - drop in $5.00

February 11 - March 10
$25.00 or drop in $5.00

March 24 - April 21
$25.00  - drop in $5.00

May 5 - May 26
$20.00 or drop in $5.00

GENTLE YOGA - This 55 minute class is geared for those who want to concentrate on gentle stretching (with time spent on the floor) as we move through introductory poses.  Modifications are encouraged - always listening to our body - adjusting and adapting  to our needs and abilities on any given day.   There will be a wonderfully relaxing meditation at the end, leaving you refreshed and renewed.

  No classes currently scheduled





Chair Yoga - This 40 minute class will incorporate yoga poses and stretches while seated, with some standing and balance work holding on to the chair.  We will focus on strengthening and stretching, building core strength, toning muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing tools to live a longer and healthier life.  


Retirement and Assisted Living Fitness options available.  Please call for information:  319 321 8177

Physician Approval Necessary to attend Classes 

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